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Bill Junor


Squeeze paint out of a tube and you have a lump of pure color. By spreading it, swirling it, layering it and working it - pure color is wrestled into service to construct light and shadow, to freeze a scene, and to convey a feeling. Once in the Zone, everything imaginable from the natural world or the mind’s eye can be captured.

I depict places, animals, people, and innerscapes that range from comforting to confrontational using a saturated palette.

This page is organized by decade. Use the arrows or drag the images left or right within each decade to see all of them.  

2020 to 2029
2010 to 2019
2000 to 2009
1990 to 1999
1980 to 1989

Canvas prints, T-Shirts, and wooden boxes are available upon request - email me for more information.


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